MIKU Masturbator
MIKU Masturbator
MIKU Masturbator
MIKU Masturbator
MIKU Masturbator
MIKU Masturbator
MIKU Masturbator
MIKU Masturbator

MIKU Masturbator

MIKU Masturbator

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Product Features

  • His tan skin is sexy
  • Firm and firm elasticity
  • Realistic
  • Flesh wart hits the tip
  • Affordable size

Product Details

A black gal "Miku" brown masturbator is finally here. A black gal can reproduce the tanned skin. It is squeezed by Miku until it withers away.

The tightness of the tightly-packed material elasticity allows you to experience a more human-like insertion feeling, and you can reproduce pseudo-sex with a feeling of use that goes beyond conventional masturbation.

Wheat-colored skin and teeth are so soft that they hardly get in the way when they hit the penis. The tongue is short, but sometimes catches.

The advantage is that it is thick and wrapped. It is stimulation of real reproduction zone and throat practicality emphasis zone W. The blissful protrusion with pleats waiting at the back of the throat. Modest folds on the upper jaw, throat penis in the back, and details in the mouth are also authentic. It's a pity that my tongue is slippery.

Product dimensions: 170 x 102 x 105mm Contents: 660g The size is just right to hold in your hand. You can use it comfortably anytime, anywhere.


  • Essential Info
    Allergens: Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free
    Features: Rechargeable , Easy Cleaning
    Waterproof: Daily Life Waterproof
  • Power and Model
    Power Type: Rechargeable
    Run Time: 60 minutes
    Model: Rotating & Thrusting
  • How it feels
    Flexibility: Flexible
    Material: Eco-friendly TPE material

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