APATITE Masturbator
APATITE Masturbator
APATITE Masturbator
APATITE Masturbator
APATITE Masturbator
APATITE Masturbator
APATITE Masturbator
APATITE Masturbator
APATITE Masturbator
APATITE Masturbator

APATITE Masturbator

APATITE Masturbator

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Product Features

  • Breathing electric masturbator
  • Experience both penetration and blowjob
  • Rare handle
  • Easy disassembly
  • Convenient to clean

Product Details

Unlike the previous electric fellatio hole, it is an electric masturbator that combines one exhalation and one inhalation of the breathing frequency according to the human breathing rhythm. When you inhale, the 30 warts will wrap your penis tightly, and the glans will be sucked in deeply until you touch the wart tongue at the bottom of the hole. When you breathe, you can feel the wart gently rubbing against the rod with a slight air flow, while the wart tongue at the bottom gently pushes the glans back and sucks again. There are also three breathing rhythms that can be adjusted. 10 types of vibration with different frequencies will increase your stimulation.

There are 31 warts inside, and it is super thick and reproduces the complex female vagina. The balance between chewiness and elasticity is also wonderful, and it is super realistic. There is a wart tongue on the bottom, which realizes a feeling of being pinched in the cervix, and it feels like it is inside the real penis. Also, coupled with sucking, you can enjoy the feeling of being gently wrapped in your mouth and sucked.

It is a popular blow hole in Europe and America, but it has been redesigned to fit the average size of Japan. With a length of 12 cm, it sticks to your knees and feels like it's being sucked on. Although it has a handle, it is designed to be recharged, making it easy to use. Leave the controls to your partner and manipulate into unexpected modes. The biggest advantage is that the fun and interaction between lovers is greatly improved.

Easy to dismantle. You can remove the inside only when cleaning and completely submerge it in water. Assembly and storage after cleaning is also convenient.


  • Essential Info
    Allergens: Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free
    Features: Rechargeable , Easy Cleaning
    Waterproof: Daily Life Waterproof
  • Power and Model
    Power Type: Rechargeable
    Run Time: 60 minutes
    Model: Rotating & Thrusting
  • How it feels
    Flexibility: Flexible
    Material: Eco-friendly TPE material

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