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Product Features

  • The ultimate upgrade in erotic sex toys: 9 types of whirlwind sucking x 9 strong vibration modes
  • LCD touch panel x AI intelligent heating to 40°C
  • Fast charging technology x Extra long usage time
  • Dedicated hole x Silent design
  • Easy to use x Easy to clean

Product Details

This electric masturbator provides deep stimulating pleasure for a deep throat experience like no other! Wrapped in intense sucking and squeezing sensations. Powerful stimulation from the motor near the front leads you to the highest pleasure. 9 different whirlwind suction and 9 different powerful vibrations to be able to find the stimulation you like. The dual stimulation of vibration and squeezing sensation from the friction of the 20 tight warts is very intense. The suction is so powerful that if you want to mimic the experience of masturbation, you can turn on only the vibration mode, or you can turn on the vibration + suction mode to experience a stronger pleasure.

The digital LCD screen displays modes from 1 to 9, so you can remember your favorite mode! Easy to operate by tapping the switch on the LCD touchpad. The touchpad is clearly visible even in the dark or under the covers. The host cover is also equipped with an AI smart heater that heats the host to the temperature of human skin when in use. 10 minutes later it turns off automatically and can avoid overheating! This way to get a more realistic oral sex experience!

The charging port is equipped with a cover to prevent dust and dirt from contaminating the charging port. Good connection between each connector and wire. It prevents power loss and enables fast charging, and also helps to extend the life of the machine. The battery is fully charged in about 2 hours and can work continuously for about 60 minutes.

The entrance is specially treated, no odor or stickiness, and the material feels good to the touch. The front cover is easy to open and the inside of the masturbator is removable for easy cleaning after use and can be used repeatedly. The entire body has been carefully designed to minimize noise, and the high-performance and ultra-quiet motor provides unprecedented silence even at high speeds. It can be used with peace of mind even at night.


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