BUMBLEBEE Masturbator
BUMBLEBEE Masturbator
BUMBLEBEE Masturbator
BUMBLEBEE Masturbator
BUMBLEBEE Masturbator
BUMBLEBEE Masturbator
BUMBLEBEE Masturbator

BUMBLEBEE Masturbator

BUMBLEBEE Masturbator

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Product Features

  • Rotation + Stretch W stimulation
  • Translucent design
  • Possesses a strong sucker&Female panting
  • 3D internal structure design&Penis shaming
  • Easy to use&Convenient to clean

Product Details

This is an electric male masturbation device with both piston movement and reverse stimulation: 3 types of contraction pistons + 7 types of high-speed rotation bring multiple stimulations, making people feel the thrill of ascending to heaven involuntarily! This male masturbation device The trick is to let your penis experience the pleasure of being licked by the tongue. When the orgasm button is pressed manually, the piston and rotation function will accelerate to the maximum, please use this button when you are about to orgasm to get the best experience.

When inserted, the soft tentacles and bumps spread out, stimulating every area of the penis. The inserted part is also fully visible so you can clearly see what you are enjoying. You can intuitively feel the pleasure brought by the raised stimulation, the comfort of being wrapped around the folds, and the real insertion feeling brought by each piston movement.

The product can be fixed with the attached suction cup, once it is fixed, it will not fall off easily! It can be used freely, fixed on the wall or table, choose according to your favorite use and position, when you hear a woman moaning, you can increase Your excitement.

The wrapped sponge is thick and acts as a good cushion. The warty raised spots on the inner wall rub against the penis for great pleasure. The insertion opening is narrow but soft, so you don't have to worry about tightness. There are shallow V-groove pleats on the inside and a surrounding bulge in the middle. Due to the simplicity of the product, this is an unbiased, universal male masturbator.

It has a front cover to protect it from dust and dirt. All parts can be installed and disassembled, except for the head controller which is an electronic part, the others can be washed, so it is hygienic to use. To prolong the life of this male masturbator, it is recommended to powder it regularly after cleaning. (Please note: Do not soak the charging port and button part of the ABS case in water.)


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