Sohimi Japan, K.K. (hereinafter "our company") operates the website (hereinafter "this site") operated by our company. In order to provide quality services, we may collect personal information such as name, address (location), telephone number, and e-mail address. Our company complies with laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information, and establishes the following privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as "this privacy policy") so that you can use our service Sohimi with peace of mind. This privacy policy clarifies how we manage and use the personal information of our customers, employees, and other related parties (hereinafter referred to as "customers, etc.") in the operation of our business. . We pay close attention to the handling and security of personal information. We ensure that all employees and related parties involved in our business activities comply with this privacy policy. Here we publish our privacy policy (basic policy on personal information protection).

Personal Information

In this privacy policy, "personal information" means information about a living individual as defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. Names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other descriptions that can identify a specific individual (can be easily compared with other information to identify a specific individual including those that become

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

We will use the personal information of our customers for the following purposes.
(1) For selling products, rights, services, etc. of our company and third parties
(2) For shipping and delivery of products
(3) For billing and billing calculation
(4) To conduct usage screening
(5) To manage customer information
(6) To send e-mail magazines
(7) To provide the Service and other information related to the Service For
(8) To manage seminars and events
(9) To carry out campaigns, etc., contact winners, and send prizes, etc.
(10) New development of this service
(11) To provide support for products and services, and to respond to inquiries
(12) To maintain the system and deal with problems
(13) Contracts and for the exercise of rights and fulfillment of obligations based on laws and regulations
(14) For other purposes specified individually for each service of the Company
(15) Other various communications, response management, sending related materials, etc.
(16) For smooth provision of other services I will not use it.

If it becomes necessary to use personal information for purposes other than these purposes, we will notify the customer, etc. to that effect in advance.
In addition, we are not supplemented with information obtained offline or obtained from third parties.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Our company does not disclose or provide collected personal information to third parties based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. will do. However, this does not apply in the following cases. (1) When consent is obtained from the customer himself/herself
(2) When required by law
(3) When outsourcing is performed within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use
(4) In the case of joint use of personal information, when notifying the person in advance of the items of personal information to be jointly used, the scope of joint users, and the purpose of use of the users
(5) When it is necessary to protect a person's life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain the person's consent
(6) Public institutions such as police, prosecutors, courts, consumer centers When disclosure is requested by, etc.

Supervision of Subcontractors

In order to carry out business such as providing products and services to customers, this site may transfer some personal information to external subcontractors. may provide. In that case, we will manage the subcontractor so that it handles personal information appropriately.

Management of Personal Information

This site strictly manages personal information, etc., in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and strives to maintain confidentiality. However, this site does not provide any guarantee to the customer that information leakage, loss, falsification, etc. by others will be completely prevented.

Inquiry, Correction or Deletion of Information

, if a request for erasure, etc. is made, after confirming the identity of the person in question by an appropriate method, we will promptly respond, except in cases where it is permitted by law or business to refuse.

Changes to the Purpose of Use

Changes to this privacy policy, such as changes to the purpose of use and management method of personal information, will be made by the Company after the change. It shall take effect at the time it is posted on this site.


This site is certified by GlobalSign. If you provide credit card information in connection with a transaction, it will be encrypted by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and stored in an AES-256 encrypted state. However, since it is impossible to guarantee 100% security when sending and receiving information over the Internet, we comply with PCI-DSS standards to maximize security.


1. This site shall not be liable for any of the following cases, even if your personal information is acquired by a third party.
(1)You reveal your personal information to a third party through the functions of this site or by other means.
(2)When the customer has given his/her consent to the acquisition of personal information by the third party.
(3)When personal information is obtained from other sites linked to from this site.

2. We are not responsible for privacy protection on the site. Visits to linked sites shall be made at the customer's own responsibility.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy without prior notice in response to changes in social conditions, technological progress, and environmental changes. You must to do something before you go on.