About Sohimi

Sohimi is a premium brand born with a mission to find love and fun and add something new to the sex life of all mankind.

Only two years after its birth in Sandvika, Norway in 2006, it has become a favorite with many customers.
From Sandvika to Tokyo, we have collaborated with many partners internationally and at the same time created employment opportunities in their respective countries and regions.

In 2012, we expanded our e-commerce business with the desire to let more users know about the appeal of adult goods.

In 2016, Sohimi received an important award recognized by the adult goods industry.
Along with various awards, Sohimi has done philanthropic work, helped underprivileged children, and made donations to foundations around the world.
Sohimi believes that all companies have a responsibility to this society. This will be an important step for all mankind.

In 2019, Sohimi started wholesale business. Everyone around the world sees our products and is impressed.
In the same year, we acquired brands such as Proprogift, Treediride and Eawesion to further grow the Sohimi team.

Today, Sohimi has offices in New York, Tokyo, Berlin and Hong Kong.
Customers can enjoy a special time brought by Sohimi at hundreds of retail stores and online stores in over 30 countries/regions around the world.
Sohimi will continue to make corporate efforts and respond to everyone's love.

Sohimi's mission is to find love and enjoyment, and to bring a new dimension to the sex life of all mankind.
Everything you need for a special time can be found at Sohimi. Whatever you're passionate about, we'll provide it. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can serve you better.


Sexuality is beautiful. Any pleasure stimulates the brain to release dopamine.
Everyone should be honest with their instinctive desires. By using adult goods, you will be able to get better orgasms.
Sohimi believes everyone deserves a great sexual experience. We will continue to strive to design more perfect adult goods for everyone. Sohimi wants to provide happy moments to all people.

We believe that adult products should not be a luxury item.
Sohimi is committed to ensuring the quality of adult goods and offering them at more affordable prices.