SKYN IR Premium Soft Condom 10pcs
SKYN IR Premium Soft Condom 10pcs
SKYN IR Premium Soft Condom 10pcs

SKYN IR Premium Soft Condom 10pcs

SKYN IR Premium Soft Condom 10pcs

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Product Features

  • A condom with a soft, enveloping, light feel
  • Uses new material IR (isoprene rubber) for an excellent fit close to the skin
  • Material: Polyisoprene
  • Shape: Straight
  • Color: Natural color *No colorants used
  • With jelly

Product Details

Product size: 63mm*125mm*37mm
Weight: Approx. 40g
Inner capacity: 10 pieces

【General Medical Devices】
Contraceptive condoms for men
Number of Approvals for Medical Devices: No. 22500BZX00486000

【About the IR material】
Unlike conventional condom materials, isoprene rubber is a natural rubber allergy-free material that is also used in medical devices.

・Be sure to read the package insert before using this product.
・Proper use of condoms is effective at preventing pregnancy and reduces the risk of contracting many other sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, but it does not guarantee 100% effectiveness.
・Store in a cool, dark place while still in the packaging. Also, do not store it together with volatile substances such as insect repellents.
・Condoms can only be used once. Use a new condom each time.


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