Locaku BOBIN Masturbator
Locaku BOBIN Masturbator
Locaku BOBIN Masturbator
Locaku BOBIN Masturbator
Locaku BOBIN Masturbator
Locaku BOBIN Masturbator
Locaku BOBIN Masturbator

Locaku BOBIN Masturbator

Locaku BOBIN Masturbator

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Product Features

  • Double stimulation of piston and rotation for forced cumming!
  • First in the industry! Powerful movement attacks the glans!
  • Soft transparent material & visual shock pleasure!
  • Removable & easy to clean!

Product Details

The strong glans torture high speed rotation + piston electric masturbator is now available! The five different rotation patterns of the piston and the stretching and contraction patterns allow you to enjoy a realistic sex experience! Intense stimulation from the tip to the entire glans!

The tip of the hole is equipped with a high-frequency vibration motor, which provides 10 types of powerful movements to stimulate the glans. Pinpoint stimulation of the back muscles, and the glans is stimulated netely. The piston roars, semen splashes, and screams of agony echo through the air! This is a very suitable masturbation machine with a simple design and excellent cost performance.

Weighing only 360g, it is very small and just the right size to hold in one hand without getting tired. This popular electric hole is gentle and easy to use for beginners. It is made of soft TPE material that softly melts with excellent elasticity. Inside, countless protrusions are still and entangled 360°. The transparent material allows you to watch the countless tentacles and protrusions move vividly, reaching the pinnacle of sensual and visual excitement!

Cleaning and maintenance of the masturbator is also easy. After enjoyment, the cup can be easily removed and rinsed in water. Please note: While the cup of the product is waterproof, the rest of the product is not. Therefore, please take extra care when cleaning the product to prevent the product from becoming unusable due to water infiltration. (For operating instructions, please refer to the cleaning procedure picture or video.)


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