ICHIGO+ Vibrator
ICHIGO+ Vibrator
ICHIGO+ Vibrator
ICHIGO+ Vibrator
ICHIGO+ Vibrator

ICHIGO+ Vibrator

ICHIGO+ Vibrator

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Product video

Product Features

  • 10 types of vibration + 5 types of suction
  • Smartphone operation&remote control&life waterproof
  • Good quality material and soft touch
  • MISS ASIA, MR ASIA sponsored products

Product Details

Ten vibration modes and five suction modes are built in, for a total of 50 different pleasure sensations. From gentle relaxation to intense stimulation, a variety of experiences are available to meet individual needs. Functions are suction and vibration. In addition to the vibration mode, in which the entire unit shakes, the indentation on the round part of the strawberry gently sucks on your clitoris. The sensation of sucking is different from vibration and may open the door to new pleasures for you. The vibration can be used on the sides for a wide range of stimulation, or on the tip for pinpoint pleasure. The variety of functions is just like biting into a luxurious whole strawberry. Simple and thimble, but with functionality. This is our belief.

You can experience even more functions by linking with the dedicated mobile app. Enjoy a customized experience, such as calling your partner and having them control the device, individual settings, remote control, and more. Not only can you play in wet areas, but you can also wash the entire unit to keep it clean.

This beginner pleasure item is made of quality silicone material. It has a round shape exactly like a strawberry and is the size of the palm of your hand. Since it is made of soft material that wraps all the way to the tip, you can enjoy an unprecedented new vibration experience from the inside to the outside of your body. Even first-time users can enjoy a light and pleasant sensation without anxiety or pain, while adjusting the vibrations themselves. ICHIGO+ is also designed with attention to detail. It has a cute and juicy appearance that looks like an interior decoration, breaking away from the overly stimulating appearance of conventional products. It blends in with everyday life and reduces embarrassment.

This product is an official sponsor of the "MISS ASIA" and "MR ASIA" competitions, in which the world's most beautiful women and men compete against each other. This pleasure item, which is very popular at the competitions, will create a special time for you!


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