kasitela ONOKAKA Vibrator
kasitela ONOKAKA Vibrator
kasitela ONOKAKA Vibrator
kasitela ONOKAKA Vibrator
kasitela ONOKAKA Vibrator
kasitela ONOKAKA Vibrator
kasitela ONOKAKA Vibrator

kasitela ONOKAKA Vibrator

kasitela ONOKAKA Vibrator

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Product features

  • 16000 times/minute of super violent vibrations and 10 types of pinpoint torture vibration modes
  • Easy to hold, we want it to be a special piece just for you!
  • With its cute appearance, you can kill two birds with one stone!
  • Ergonomic materials and luxurious design

Product details

The powerful head that can stimulate pinpoints is truly a new technology! 16,000 vibrations per minute and 10 types of pinpoint torture vibration modes! Stimulates not only the clitoris and nipples, but also erogenous zones, giving you an orgasm without insertion. You can enjoy it. The silicone head provides more precise stimulation, more power, and more intense pleasure! It gives you more than 5 times more intense pleasure than a regular vibrator. Experience squirting with this device! Even if you get too carried away with intense stimulation, the gentle material won't damage your skin!

5 suction modes, easy to hold with one hand, and your hands won't get tired even when used for a long time. You can freely adjust the combination of patterns according to your preference. Repeatedly stimulates the clitoris and nipples to increase excitement and bring you to orgasm in seconds! Can be used in a variety of situations, including solo play, foreplay for couples, and sexual training. This is a versatile vibe that can be used by everyone from beginners to advanced users.

The body part can also be used as an insertion vibrator for super stimulation of the vagina. You will experience an orgasm that you will not be able to hold back. Designed for women, the stylish form makes it hard to tell at first glance that it's a pleasure item, so you won't have any trouble storing it. The simple design makes it easy to operate with one hand.

Waterproof, silent and silicone material for everyday life: Can be used while taking a shower and is easy to clean. The vibration sound is less than 60db, so you can concentrate on the action without disturbing the atmosphere. Made of silicone, it is smooth to the touch and gentle on the skin.


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