LONOVE Face Steamer
LONOVE Face Steamer
LONOVE Face Steamer
LONOVE Face Steamer
LONOVE Face Steamer
LONOVE Face Steamer
LONOVE Face Steamer
LONOVE Face Steamer

LONOVE Face Steamer

LONOVE Face Steamer

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Product Features

  • Powerful support for moisturizing care
  • Stable mist & No noise
  • Easy operation with one button
  • Nano size mist

Product Details

Equipped with a large 50ml water tank, it can be used for a long time. It can be sprayed continuously for 10 minutes to provide rich moisture to the skin. The perfect tool to hydrate dry skin and restore suppleness and luster.

Provides a stable mist. A uniform and beautiful mist comes out, so it spreads evenly on the skin. In addition, the silent design minimizes noise during use, allowing you to enjoy relaxing skin care.

Easy to operate with one button. You can easily start skin care without complicated settings or operation procedures. Even in a busy daily life, you can get beautiful skin without stress.

Produces a nano-sized mist. Fine water particles penetrate deep into the skin, maximizing the moisturizing effect. It improves the dryness and roughness of the skin, realizing moist and smooth skin.


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